One-armed entrepreneur passes on love and support

Zhao Xianwen, a one-armed entrepreneur in Yanbian, Jilin province, has devoted himself to volunteer projects over the past few decades.

City beautician in Jilin

For more than 20 years Wang Guiying has worked silently and conscientiously in the streets and never missed any work because of her private affairs.

Re-greening mountains in NE China

The Changbai Mountain extensions are covered with immense forests, behind which hides a man's perseverance in planting trees for 30 years.

Touching China -- High-speed Train welding master

Li Wanjun, who works at CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., is an outstanding representative of the first generation of high-speed train staff in China.

Rice entrepreneur works for farmers' benefits

A grain trade firm was established in Tongxian, Jilin province, in 2003 and five years later, a grain logistic company was opened by the same lady who opened the grain company.