New skiing, snow season kicks off in Jilin

Updated: 2020-11-17

New skiing, snow season kicks off in Jilin

Tourists have fun at a ski resort in Jilin city on Nov 14, the first day of the skiing season. [Photo provided to]

The ceremony marking the start of this year's skiing and winter sports season kicked off on Nov 14 at the Lake Songhua Resort in Jilin city -- in Northeast China's Jilin province -- with five other sub-venues in the province participating in activities at the same time through 5G video links.

During the event, each venue showed new highlights of this year's snow season. Nearly 10,000 people, including representatives from top Chinese ski clubs, representatives of provincial key ice and winter sports companies and ice and snow tourism enthusiasts participated.

At the ceremony, the Jilin Province Department of Culture and Tourism released 32 new ice and snow tourism routes -- covering weekend tours, in-depth tours, and self-driving tours -- so that tourists can fully experience fun with ice and snow in Jilin.

New skiing, snow season kicks off in Jilin

An instructor teaches kids how to ski on Nov 14. [Photo provided to]

Nearly 300 ice and snow festive activities will be launched in the province, providing consumers with more diverse and fun leisure choices.

Officials at the ceremony said, Jilin will also invest 10 million yuan ($1.52 million) this year, so skiing and winter tourism discount vouchers can be issued to visitors. Tourists will be able to enjoy going to more top scenic spots.

In addition, in order to provide tourists with an enhanced experience, the province has established the first comprehensive service platform focusing on winter tourism consumption in China. This will make it easy for tourists to scan a code onto an electronic tourism map, to complete online inquiries, buy tickets, and work out their plans.