Bringing rust well lids to life

Updated: 2017-06-19

Vivid animals, historic spots, landmarks -- many objects that can make people think of Changchun have recently appeared on well lids around the city, which have made passers-by slow down and have a look.

"The drawings bring well lids to life," a citizen said.

The paintings were drawn by He Jin, a first-year graduate student at Jilin College of the Arts. She painted 12 well lid-pictures in total, which took her 13 hours.

She explained that acrylic paint was used to create the drawings, which is hard to dissolve in water and the color will be preserved for a longer time.

"It's tiring but interesting," she said, "I feel satisfied when people gather around my pieces and look at them."

The well lid-drawing project was initiated by the local construction committee and was intended to beautify the city roads. More rust well lids in the business streets will be decorated with colorful shapes.

Bringing rust well lids to life

He Jin draws a tiger head on a well lid. [Photo/Changchun Daily]