Unmanned vehicles soar into people's life

Updated: 2017-05-24

A hexa-rotor unmanned craft which can automatically conduct searches of an area attracted people's eyes during the Science Week event in Siping, Jilin province.

According to Guan Rongqiang, who is in charge of unmanned vehicle research at Jilin Engineering Normal University, the hexa-rotor craft was entirely designed by the university's project group.

Unmanned vehicles soar into people's life

A fixed-wing unmanned aircraft is put on display during Science Week. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

"There is still no such unmanned aircraft in the market. Compared to other hexa-rotor vehicles, this one, with its triangular structure is more stable and has a smaller operating surface, which makes it easier to operate," Guan explained.

The vehicle was adopted by the local public security bureau and is used to do fast scans of areas.

The university started this aircraft project in 2006 and has been focusing on innovations for hexa-rotor and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition to the hexa-rotor aircraft, another fixed-wing unmanned vehicle made by college students also showed its unique functions and advanced technology.

Unmanned vehicles soar into people's life

A hexa-rotor unmanned aircraft, designed entirely by university students, is put on display during Science Week. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

The one-meter long and 0.9-meter wide vehicle was mainly made from EPO foam which has a higher density, lighter weight, and stronger makeup.

Such unmanned vehicles have been widely used in aerial photography, traffic detection, forest fire watch programs, and crop protection.

"It will become more common to see unmanned crafts be adopted into various aspects of life. For instance, when traffic police cannot get close to the accident scenes because of congestion, unmanned aircraft can fly over and collect site photos," Guan added.