Alpine skiing excitement in Jilin

Updated: 2017-01-06

Changchun welcomes its ice season as a new year begins. People gather at the skiing site to experience snow and ice activities and many people, ranging in age from six to 60, are taking on the challenge of alpine skiing — an exciting sport that some see as a passion.

Alpine skiing excitement in Jilin

A skier emerges from a cloud of powder during the Cimalp Alpine Skiing Contest held on Dec 25, 2016, in Jilin province. [Photo/Xinhua]

Yuan Hao, a 50-year-old skiing enthusiast from Jilin province, has been in love with skiing for more than ten years.

"Alpine skiing is fascinating and exciting, which makes people passionate about it," Yuan said.

When sliding fast down from the top of a mountain, skiers can breathe cool, fresh air and as the speed picks up, it feels like flying.

"The most attractive part is that every skiing site has a splendid landscape," Yuan added.

Alpine skiing excitement in Jilin

New skiers of all ages take on the practice hill. [Photo/Xinhua]

Most Chinese believe the sport requires serious dedication and the skills are difficult to grasp. Yuan says that’s wrong.

"Two hours is enough time for beginners to learn to ski down the primary runway under professional guidance," Yuan said. "People can feel their progress every day, and gradually they can challenge themselves to try the advanced run."

Professional coaches teach beginners how to protect themselves and at the same time control sliding speed, which is vital in alpine skiing. This allows people of all ages to practice the sport and enjoy the excitement brought about by skiing.

"Many children start skiing when they were just two or three years old and can master the skills by the time they are five or six," Yuan said.

Alpine skiing excitement in Jilin