Annual legislative session opens in NE China

CPPCC session opens in NE China

The 11th Jilin Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the governmental policy advisory body, opened its 4th session in the city of Changchun, the provincial capital, on Jan 25.

NE China government work report emphasizes steady growth

At the opening of the annual Jilin provincial People's Congress session, on Jan 26, the provincial governor addressed the gathering and gave a work report of the coming year that gave priority to steady growth.


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NE China's private sector is not mature enough

At Jilin province's recent People's Congress session, one deputy said that the provincial private sector growth is still weak overall along with economic development.

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Jilin province's goals for 2016 socioeconomic development

Jilin's goals for 2016 socioeconomic development includes a 6.5-7 percent GDP growth.

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