Advantageous industries

Updated: 2016-08-22

1. Water-saving irrigation, dry land, water-efficient technology, and conservation tillage

2. Chicken, geese, hog, sheep, and spotted deer feeding and processing of agricultural goods

3. Ecological food and drinks from Changbai Mountain, including ginseng, pilose antlers, grapes, nuts, wild vegetables, fungus, wood frogs, tussah, and honey.

4. Mineral water (China holdings)

5. Diatomaceous earth resources and utilization (excluding exploration and mining)check

6. Cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber spinning and knitting, and cloth processing.

7. Lignite wax extraction

8. Flora and fauna medical resources, protection and sustainable utilization (certain foreign investment permitted)

9. Special float glass technology and processing

10. Carbon fiber precursor, carbon fiber production and support material, carbon fiber compound material

11. High performance radial tires, including tubeless, car tires, aircraft tires and agricultural radial tires.

12. Medical equipment and parts

13. Auto parts: automatic gearbox, high power density drive axle for commercial vehicles, auto headlight systems, LED, lightweight material (high-strength steel, aluminum magnesium alloy, compound, powder metallurgy, high-strength complex fiber), clutches, hydraulic shock absorbers, and car seats.

14. Biomass power generation (joint venture)

15. Broadband services and value-added telecommunications (China WTO framework)

16. Passenger transportation

17. Auto financing

18. Urban gas, heating and drainpipe network and management (for cities with population above 500,000)

19. Medical and health care service

20. Cartoons and derivatives (cooperation for film and TV)

21. Ice and snow tourism and ski resort construction and management

22. Tourism spot development and management and related infrastructure

23. Intensive processing and alternative industry projects for resource-exhausted cities