Natural Resources

Updated: 2016-08-09


It has 158 types of mineral resources and tops the country in proven oil shale reserves, with 17.4 billion tons, or 54 percent of the national total, and reserves of wollastonite. Grasslands Jilin is one of China's 8 largest pastoral areas and a major animal husbandry base. Its western part has vast, lush meadows with high quality grass, and Chinese wild rye.


The province has a diversity of species, with 3,890 wild plants identified and 16 on China's earliest protection list. The flora of Changbai Mountain makes Jilin a major Chinese herbal medicine producing area and the home of the "Three Treasures of Northeast China" -- Ginseng, mink and velvet deer antlers.


It has plenty of mineral water resources, with the best coming from the Changbai Mountain area, where the water quality has been confirmed by international authorities. It is one of the world's three largest mineral water-rich areas, along with the Alps in Europe and Russia's Caucasus.

Its Songliao Plain is the home of black earth and one of three of the largest such areas with 5.53 million hectares of arable land, or 29.5 percent of the provincial total. Its per capita arable land is 0.3 hectares, or twice the national average and almost equal to the world's average. Forests This is an important forestry base with 9.3 million hectares of forested land, covering 43.9 percent of the province. Its Changbai Mountain area is known as "a sea of forests" and is one of China’s six largest forested regions.