Jilin officials promise to improve people's livelihood

Jilin concludes this year’s People's Congress session

The annual session of the Jilin provincial People's Congress drew to a close, in the capital Changchun, on Friday, Feb 13.

China, Russia and DPRK setting up tourism zone

A trilateral tourism zone located in Tumen River downstream area has been approved by three border countries, one government official at the 4th session of the 12th Jilin Provincial People’s Congress said, on Feb 12.


Government Work Report stresses reform

The governor of Jilin province gave the Government Work Report at the opening of the annual session of the Provincial People’s Congress on Monday, Feb 8.

NE China to open high-speed railway to Russia

Jilin 11th CPPCC session comes to a close

Jilin opens annual legislative session

Jilin CPPCC session opens


Zhao Zhiwu: Ecology goes hand-in-hand with economic growth

Zhao Zhiwu, a member of the Jilin provincial People’s Congress, has said that ecological protection can go along with industrial development in the western part of the province.

Zhang Xian: Developing e-business for better sales

Zhang Anshui: Speed up tourism development in Yanbian

Zhang Jialiang: Incorporate environmental protection indicators into official assessment system

Xu Benhan: Protecting street cleaners’ rights

Wang Yanping: Focusing on sightseeing agriculture


Jilin sets out key objectives

Jilin province's economy had a robust year with breakthroughs in innovation and achievements in restructuring and public services.

Jilin makes effort to fight against pollution

Jilin province got US$7.6 billion investment in 2014

Jilin gets national funds for industrial innovation

Jilin speeds up the construction of pilot zone


Jilin's top 10 economic indices for 2014

Jilin province saw a 6.5-percent growth in GDP, in 2014, with relatively stable prices, with the provincial government emphasizing restructuring, quality and reforms.

Reform Plan of Research Funding Management issued by the State Council

Local governments lower sights for growth

Highlights of work report of China's SPP

Marketization the key to economic system reform