Update: 2014-10-26

Baishan is in the southeastern part of Jilin province, to the west of Changbai Mountain and is famous for its beautiful scenery.

It shares a border with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea along the Yalu River to the south and has a population of 1.3 million and administers three counties, Changbai, Jingyu and Fusong, one county-level city, Linjiang, and two districts, Hunjiang and Jiangyuan.

Its forest coverage is 83 percent and it is a major lumber production area and has other resources, namely ginseng, mink, and deer, as well as metal and nonmetal ores, and concentrated mineral water resources. These have earned it a "Well-known land" title at the county level. Its Fusong county is "land of ginseng" and "land of blueberries", while Jingyu county is a "land of American ginseng" and "Changbai Mountain mineral water" site, Changbai county a "land of schizandra sinensis baill" and the Jiangyuan district is a "land of songhua stone", Hunjiang district, a "land of rana chensinensis", and Linjiang a "land of herba rhodiolae".

These natural treasures give it great tourist appeal.