Update: 2013-10-25

This follows the "State Council's support of major policy initiatives to revitalize Northeast China" and "Outline of China Tumen River regional cooperation" and provide innovative policy support as follows:

1. Fiscal

Jilin province is to get funds from the national and provincial level to support its new district construction on a priority basis. It can distribute revenues from construction land use and leasing as its wishes and support new land reclamation projects and city infrastructure carried out by the Jilin capital, Changchun, in accordance with land consolidation planning and project fund usage.

2. Financial

The finance is meant to do the following: encourage all types of financial institutes to set up branches in the new district and support private banks, rural banks, industrial investment banks, and venture capital funds; support development finance and projects in the new district in applying for loans from international financial organizations and foreign governments; support point-to-point capital cooperation between government and society and finance leasing in the new district; and support companies in the district in developing financing channels, including stock listing, issuing corporate bonds, debt financing, insurance assets management, and trust plans.

3. Land

Jilin province will guarantee the land needed for the new district in Changchun on a priority basis and will manage all arable land and encourage overall land development and innovative usage in the new district, on industrial land, urban and rural construction land, and factory land and the whole province will get a requisition-compensation balance for arable land.

4. Industry

To encourage innovation-oriented industrial development and preferential policies for cross-border transportation and customs clearance, Jilin has key projects for the new district, which is itself significant for the Belt and Road Initiative, the revitalization of the Northeast, and regional cooperation with the Tumen district.